Marist Prepares for Lyons Invitational! Pasta Party on Friday!

Monday, September 2 2019

The Marist RedHawks Cross Country TEAM will be hosting a Pasta Party on Friday, September 6, 2019 in the Cafeteria. The Pasta Party will feature a Garden Salad, Garlic Bread, bottled water, Spaghetti with butter, and Spaghetti with Meat sauce. There is a $50.00 fee per Family to cover the costs of 8 Pasta Parties throughout the 2019 Season. As of September 6, 2019 Pasta Party fees have been received from the following Families: Blasco, Bruin, Bugos, Carey, Enright, Fleming, Geary, Golden, Kavanaugh, Kerlin, Krazer, Leonard, Olsen, Senese, Scott, Vulich, and Wagner. Please make checks payable to "Marist High School", and turn in Pasta Party fees this week to Marist Head Coach Jon Gordon.

On Saturday, September 7, 2019, the bus will depart at 6:45 am for Lyons Township High School - South Campus, 4900 South Willow Springs Road, Western Springs, Illinois 60558. Please arrive at Marist ready for departure at 6:35 am. Thanks.

The following Junior Varsity Boys will race at 8:30 am:

1. Luke Hortsman           12th

2. Jonathan Rivera          11th

3. Tommy Wagner           11th

4. Jack Vulich                  11th

5. Tyler Thomas              12th

The following Varsity Men will race at 9:30 am:

1. Thomas Leonard          12th

2. Andrew Kerlin               10th

3. Jake Phillips                 10th

4. Kevin Bugos                 11th

5. Caleb Davis                  12th

6. Tommy Kavanaugh       11th

7. Brendan Geary              10th

The following Freshman Boys will race at 10:30 am:

1. Frankie Wagner              9th

2. Owen Senese                 9th

3. Kyle Lyke                        9th

4. Jake Olsen                     9th

5. Brendan Wolff                 9th

The following Sophomore Boys will race at 11:30 am:

1. Michael Golden               10th

2. Danny Enright                  10th

3. Gavin Carey                     10th

4. Lester Scott                       10th

5. Walter Fleming                   9th

6. Anthony Blasco                 10th

7. Joe Krazer                         9th

8. Mark Viz                            10th

9. Luis Esparza                      10th

10. Luke Bruin                        10th

11. Marty Thorne                    10th

12. Terence Cox                     10th

The Lyons Township Invitational features 21 High Schools, including: Argo, West Aurora, Benet Academy, Brother Rice, Downers Grove South, Reavis, Lincoln Way East, Lincoln Way Central, Lincoln Way West, Marist, J. Sterling Morton Township, Lowell, Maine South, Morton West, Nazareth Academy, Niles West, Valparaiso, Riverside Brookfield, Sandburg, Willowbrook, and host Lyons.