Record turnout for 2020 Marist Track and Field Registration Meeting

Friday, December 6 2019

On Thursday, December 5, 2019, at 2:54 pm, the Marist Cafeteria reached full capacity, with standing room only, for the Marist 2020 Track and Field Registration meeting. .

Athletes in attendance, submitted registration forms, which included event preferences for the 2020 season. TEAM schedules and off-season training information was also distributed at the meeting.

Marist Head Coach Jon Gordon also introduced Throws Coach Justyn Dickey, and Jumps Coach Jay Wesley.

In addition to attending the meeting, Athletes still need to complete the registration process online, at, by having a parent (1) click on the "Athletics" Tab, then click on the (2) Schedules (il8to18) Tab, and then click on the (3) Registration Tab. 

Athletes that missed the meeting for any reason, can obtain a copy of materials distributed by contacting Marist Head Coach Jon Gordon at