Marist finishes SECOND at ICOPS Invitational! 18-1 record on the day! Thomas Leonard WINS 3200m and 1600m! Brian Ferguson SECOND in the 200m dash!

Saturday, February 29 2020 - ICOPS Invite

 On Saturday, February 29, 2020, the Marist Varsity Men Track and Field TEAM traveled to Lewis University for the ICOPS Invitational! The meet featured the Top 20 Catholic High Schools in Illinois. The RedHawks finished in SECOND place, and had a record of 18-1 on the day, and a season record of 47-3!

 Loyola Academy won the Invitational with 113 points. Congratulation to Loyola Academy Head Coach Dan Seaberg and the Ramblers.

 Marist finished in SECOND place with 106 points, and was awarded a towering trophy in a nice ceremony following the meet.

 The RedHawks posted victories over: 3. St. Laurence (72 points), 4. St. Ignatius (65.55 points), 5. Providence Catholic (39 points), 6. Mt. Carmel (35.5 points), 7. St. Viator (29 points, ESCC opponent), 7. Marmion Academy (29 points), 9. De La Salle (24 points), 10. Fenwick (22 points), 11. Aurora Central Catholic (21 points), 12. Brother Rice (9 points), 13. Benet Academy (7 points, ESCC opponent), 13. Mundelein (Carmel, ESCC opponent), 15. St. Patrick (3 points, ESCC opponent), 16. DePaul (2 points), 17. Joliet Catholic (1 point, ESCC Opponent), 18. Westchester St. Joseph (0 points), 19. Elmhurst IC Catholic (0 points), and 20. Niles Notre Dame (0 points, ESCC Opponent).   

 Marist Senior Thomas Leonard and Sophomore Jake Phillips finished first and second respectively in the 3200m run. Thomas Leonard was awarded a Gold Medal for winning the 3200m run!

 Marist Junior Jamari Grant finished in second place in the Triple Jump and in third place in the Long Jump. Marist Junior Josh Harris finished in third place in the Shot Put. Marist Junior Carter Auer earned a MEDAL in the Triple Jump, and scored for the RedHawks in the High Jump!

 Marist Junior Jovan Marsh finished in third place in the 55m dash. Marist Senior Brian Ferguson finished in second place in the 200m dash. Brian Ferguson was awarded a silver medal for finishing in second place in the 200m dash!

 Marist Sophomore Andrew Kerlin, Senior Caleb Davis, Junior Tommy Kavanaugh, and Junior Kevin Bugos finished in third place in the 4x800m Relay.

 Marist Freshmen phenoms Dermot Smyth and Kyle Lyke both BROKE the sixty seconds barrier in their first high school 400m dash race!

 Marist Sophomore Brendan Geary, and Junior Brody Doyle both scored for the RedHawks with personal best times in the 800m run!

 Marist Senior Thomas Leonard was awarded his second gold medal of the day for winning the 1600m run! Sophomore Andrew Kerlin also scored for the RedHawks in the 1600m run!

 Marist Junior Jovan Marsh, Sophomore Michael Coy, Junior Jamari Grant, and Senior Brian Ferguson BROKE THE MEET RECORD in the 4x200m Relay to win the relay with an official time of 1:33.02.

 Jovan Marsh, Michael Coy, Jamari Grant, and Brian Ferguson were awarded Gold Medals for winning the 4x200m Relay!

 Marist Senior Caleb Davis, Sophomore Kyle Quinn, Junior Kevin Bugos, and Sophomore Brendan Geary were awarded MEDALS for finishing in fourth place in the 4x400m Relay!

 The RedHawks will travel to Lyons Township High School on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, to take on Lyons, the defending IHSA Sectional Champions in a dual meet.



1. Thomas Leonard 12th 20.00

2. Jamari Grant 11th 16.50

3. Brian Ferguson 12th 14.50

4. Jovan Marsh 11th 12.50

5. Jake Phillips 10th 8.00

6. Carter Auer 11th 7.00

7. Josh Harris 11th 6.00

8. Brendan Geary 10th 4.25

9. Kevin Bugos 11th 2.75

9. Caleb Davis 12th 2.75

10. Michael Coy 10th 2.50

10. Andrew Kerlin 10th 2.50

11. Brody Doyle 11th 2.00

11. Josiah Harris 11th 2.00

12. Tommy Kavanaugh 11th 1.50

13. Kyle Quinn 10th 1.25


VARSITY POINTS SEASON TOTAL (5 Meets) (Athletes listed below have earned a Varsity letter)

1. Jamari Grant 11th 55.00

2. Carter Auer 11th 52.00

3. Brian Ferguson 12th 44.00

4. Thomas Leonard 12th 42.50

5. Josiah Harris 11th 37.00

6. Jovan Marsh 11th 36.00

7. Josh Harris 11th 28.00

8. Caleb Davis 12th 22.50

9. Jake Phillips 10th 20.00

10. Brendan Geary 10th 19.50

11. Andrew Kerlin 10th 16.00

12. Michael Coy 10th 12.50

13. Brody Doyle 11th 11.50

14. Danny Olsen 9th 7.75

15. Josh Burns 12th 7.10

16. Kevin Bugos 11th 6.75

17. Tommy Kavanaugh 11th 6.50

18. Michael Golden 10th 6.25

19. Jacob Martineck 9th 4.00

20. Antoine Davis, Jr. 12th 3.75

21. Tommy Wagner 11th 3.25

22. Lester Scott 10th 3.00

22. Cesar Gaona 11th 3.00

23. Kyle Quinn 10th 2.75

24. Joe Dochee 11th 2.00

24. Luke Bruin 10th 2.00

24. Luke Hortsman 12th 2.00

24. Ryan Livingstone 9th 2.00

24. Sean Hawthorne 9th 2.00

24. Trevon Landingham 10th 2.00

25. Kyle Lyke 9th 1.75

26. Leiree Collier 9th 1.50

27. Anthony Blasco 10th 1.00

28. Terence Cox 10th 0.75

28. Luis Esparza 10th 0.75

28. Martin Murphy 10th 0.75

28. Joe Kratzer 9th 0.75

29. Sammy McNamara 10th 0.50

30. Tyler Thomas 12th 0.25